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AFJ School Photos

AFJ Instructors are welcome to send photos, by EMAIL, or mail on disc or actual photos of their school's group pictures or AFJ members. Please include the School or Club's name, the Instructor's Name and Location of the School. The photos will be posted on the School photo pages. Limit one photo per school.

Sensei Greer and Mariah Carey
AFJ Instructor Sensei Steven J. Greer, Yusei Ryu Jujutsu, escorting Mariah Carey at a Military Base where he was stationed. He is now in Eastman, GA.

Mariah Carey with troop escort.

Sensei Greer and Mariah Carey

Black Belt Test at Master Moore's Dojo, left to right, Standing- Sensei: Ellis, Gray, Wesner, Lower and Moore, Kneeling- Boutte, Beagle and Lower, Sitting- Maye, Wesner and Rusk

AFJ Black Belt Rich Maye with Master Ellis

Our school is more of a club these days, but we take our training seriously . The name of our school is "Street Master's Dojo" teaching "Street Martial Science" teaching Ju-jitsu, Combative Kenpo Karate Head instructor: AFJ Instructor Sensei Rich Stevenson Asst. Instructor: Jon Armstrong. (Sensei stevenson with Jerry Salyer in photo.)

Our small Dojo is focused on developing a Martial Arts system with a focus on Street Combat, Self Defense and Martial Arts Sparring in the Striking and Grappling fighting ranges. We have absorbed techniques from various Martial Arts including formal training in Western Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Freestyle Jujitsu and Kuntao Silat. AFJ Instructor Sensei Alvie L. Walts

AFJ Instructor Dr. Rick Green, Shodai Soke of Bushi Jujitsu, Bushikan Dojo, Yorktown, IN

A class at World Class Martial Arts Academy. Tai Kai Ryu Aikido, (1st row) AFJ Instructor Mr. Martinez is in the dark blue Gi top. Troy Hudson is next to him and Master Robinson is in the White Gi top.

AFJ Instructor Sensei Neil Dunker Teaching one of his students at Howard Beach Goju and Jujitsu Karate School located in Howard Beach Queens NY near J F K airport

AFJ Instructor Sensei Scoggins and his son at this years Disney Worlds Jujitsu tournament.

AFJ Instructor Master David Padgett is shown executing a classic Genkotsu-Ryu Jujutsu lock and strike on one of his students, John Morgan, in His Decatur Illinois School, The Decatur BUDOKAI

AFJ Instructor Sensei Tim Venable, Scott Shamblin and Grady Burchett at the Okinawan Karate Union summer seminar.

Golden Dragon Class, AFJ Instructor Buddy Garrett, Jacksonville, AR

AFJ Instructor Sensei Buddy Garrett demonstrating a technique at the Hall of Fame Training Camp.

AFJ Instructors Sensei Wesner, Master Ellis, Master Moore and Sensei Oren Ambar. Sensei Ambar is an AFJ Instructor from Ramat Gan, ISRAEL

AFJ Instructors:
Steve Nasalle 2nd Place Self Defense
Shihan Tim White 3rd Place Self Defense
Patrick White 4th Place Weapons
Event: Professional Karate Commission Internationals Aug 29 thru 31, 2003

AFJ Instructor Shihan Tim White demonstrating an inverted arm bar takedown for law enforcement.

AFJ Instructor Sensei Steve NaSalle demonstrates a hammer lock control technique.

AFJ Instructor Sensei Sean T. Langenwalter and his students at their Dojo at Orange County YMCA in CA.

AFJ Instructor Master Paul Irizarry and his students at his Dojo at Irizarry's Karate Academy located at Lawrence, Massachusetts.

AFJ Instructor Master Paul Irizarry demonstrating a kensetsu waza to one of his students.

AFJ Instructor Master Paul Irizarry, International Kenkakai-kan-jitsu Organization, Irizarry's Karate Academy, Lawrence, Massachusetts

AFJ Instructor Sensei Robert Tamburri from Staten Island, NY after a workout with Sensei Wesner and Master Moore

AFJ Instructor
Soke Nyingje (Jason) Norbu,
Director/Representative of World Black Belt Union Ontario Canada Canadian
President International Budo Sport Federation
President & Founder International Mixed Martial Arts Association
President K&D Martial Arts Centres Founder Nyingbulam

L to R Mike Cruze, Grand Champion Self Defense, Tony Nasalle, 2nd Brown Belt Kumite Kneeling: Pat White, 4th in Kumite, and 3rd in Forms. Their Instructor is Shihan Tim White of Molum Combat Arts

AFJ Instructors Sensei Wesner and Sensei Ramirez after a bi-monthly Federation workout and Sensei Ramirez' sandan testing. Sensei Ramirez is from Michigan.

The AFJ brings together Instructors from different styles and places. AFJ Instructor Sensei Robert Tamburri visits Sensei Neil Dunker's USA GOJU of Howard Beach, NY for some training.

AFJ Instructors Summer and Piet, Piet Wilhelm is the founder of TRITON Close Combat & Self-Defense, located at Tulsa, OK

AFJ member Ryan Rogers is a fighter from TRITON Close Combat & Self-Defense. He attended the MMA match located at the Greenwood Center. He won in the first round.

AFJ Instructors TRITON staff and students that attended the Marine Corps birthday ball. Centered couple are Instructor trainers AFJ Instructors Summer and Piet Wilhelm, founders of TRITON Close Combat and Self-Defense (center of pic).

AFJ Instructor Sensei Raymond T. Meeks (kneeling on the right) with his students. Sensei Meeks is the Head Instructor of Kokom Hakko-Shorin Kan Jujitsu Center at Galveston, Indiana.

AFJ Instructor Shihan Tim White with Congressional Medal Honoree Sammy L. Davis after he sent his medal around the ball room for everyone to hold. Rare Pic with him without his CMH on Mar 19, 2005, Indianapolis Recruiting Command Annual Awards Banquet where Sammy L. Davis was the Guest Speaker.

AFJ - Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu Instructor Rich Maye with students (left to right) Chris Chappell, Dexter Rovenolt and Jason Moore.

AFJ Instructor Quoc L. Tran from Hackensack, NJ (center) with Master Moore & Master Ellis.

Photo of AFJ Instructor - Combat Jujitsu Master Ben Fajardo - Nubreed Martial Arts Systems, located in Colorado, apply a legbar to student Richard Hager. Master Fajardo has trained with many outstanding grappling instructor's in the U.S. and is always a student of the arts.

AFJ Instructor Luis A. Santiago from Framigham Massachusetts.

Members of React Street Combat Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu in Exmouth, England
Back row standing are: left to right are AFJ Instructor Paul Harris, Rob Roffey, Shay Egan Dan, Morris, Ben Smith and Jeff Hill.
Centre row kneeling are: Wayne Bastian, Sensei Nigel Martin.
Front row : Lucy Hughes, Sam Thorn and Jason Mcloed.

Standing Left to Right: Chris Miller, Alic Doran, Joel Doran, and Matt Coccuri
Kneeling Left to Right: John Dodd, Josh Johnson, AFJ Instructor Master Jason Matthews, Chris Tyson, and Ricky Gofourth.
Their Dojo's name is New Life Martial Arts located in Corinth, Mississippi.

AFJ Jujitsu Instructor Luis Santiago from Framigham, MA He is the Head Instructor of Santiago School of Martial Arts.

AFJ Instructor Hanshi Robert J. Gelinas from Painville, CT executing an advanced Jujutsu lock and strike on Shihan Vincent L. Perri at a Seminar in Shinan Perri's Studio in Woodbury Ct.

AFJ instructor Mark Strasser (in white) with some of the students of the Fight Centre Dojo located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Fight Centre specializes in Shoot Wrestling Jujutsu and MMA.

Left to Right: AFJ Instructor Carl Swanson at a seminar with Vincente Equkiza and Eric Castanos.

AFJ Instructor Sijo Emmanuel David Ortega - I Ch’uanfa Xia Olin Kung Fu

Sifo Don Derby Ch’uanfa Xia Olin Kung Fu

AFJ Instructor Peter Kouba Si-Suk Tao of Ch’uanfa Xia Olin Kung Fu

Kalli Kouba & Maria Molina performing Oshi Nage

Workout at Hawaiian Self Defense at Ch’uanfa Xia Olin Kung Fu

AFJ Instructor Sijo Emmanuel David Ortega and Master Leon Jay,
Walley Jays son, of Small Circle Jujitsu

AFJ  Instructor Wilbert Pless (on the left) with his students at a retreat. His school, Kuro Jutsu School of Martial Arts, is located in Pennsylvania. He teaches Karate Jutsu and Kobu Jutsu.

AFJ Instructor David Hertzog of Combat Jujitsu / Freestyle Fighting located at
Kulpmont, PA

A training session with AFJ Instructor David Hertzog and some of his student Michael Hertzog.

AFJ Instructor David Hertzog and some of his student Joseph Bender II.

AFJ Instructor Shihan Vanessa "Havoc" Bush with Pro MMA Fighters and Chute Boxe Fight Team Members Jorge "Van Damme" Oliveira and Anthony "Rumble" Johnson.

AFJ Instructor Shihan White, on left and R. Lee Ermey at the Mount Comfort Air Show, in Mount Comfort, Indiana.

Participants at the Dynamic Aiki Jujutsu Seminar in Serbia

Serbian AFJ trainers of Jujitsu - Sensei s Matovic, Radotic,
Ratkovic, Radic and Boris Busic.

A leg lock performed by Sensei Radotic, attacker is Sensei Velickovic.

AFJ Instructor Nate Wesner at his 4th Degree Black Belt test.  Participants left to right, Michael Chad Rusk, Master Steve Ellis, Nate Wesner, Master Moore, Chris Barsis.

HCX Mixed Martial Arts
Master Ron "Tashi" Hill
Joliet, Illinois
MMA and Kickboxers @ IKF World Championship 2006

AFJ Instructor Master Lim Beng Kit of  Singapore


AFJ Instructor Jerome J. Fonseca from Hawaii Army National Guard teaching jiu-jitsu to the Japanese Ground Self Defense Forces and forces from Kuwait.

On 10 JAN 2008, AFJ Instructor Jerome Fonseca was promoted to 3rd degree black belt in the Kajukenbo system. He earned the new title of "Sifu".

AFJ Instructor Berry Soles from Iron Station, NC with his kid's class and his adult class and photos from his seminars.

Instructors of All-American Martial Arts Academy AAMAA Greenville NC Left to right  James Speight, Christy Speight, Jay Speight and John Speight

AFJ Instructor Matthew Stephan of Fort Wayne, IN of the Okinawan Karate / Yoshin Ryu Martial Arts School.

AFJ Instructor Sensei Lyle H training with Royce Gracie

AFJ Instructor Sean Langenwalter with his class located at Pacentia, CA

AFJ Instructor Gilberto Pauciullo teaching his Italian Military Special Force Student Group.

AFJ Instructor Mario Leone from CT with Sensei Wesner after a four hour Yoshin Ryu workout in  PA.

AFJ Instructor Jorge Cardoso with his students at their new Academy in Malaysia.


AFJ InstructorAnthony Galeano after completing his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He teaches in NV.

AFJ Instructor Louis-Paul Savoie, founder of Goshin-Do Aiki-Jitsu Club New-Brunswick Canada.

Dr. Roger J. Belbel on left and AFJ Instructor Sensei Benny Benavides from El Paso, TX after winning metals at the Pan Am Games.


AFJ Instructor Shihan Al Bennett with students.  Louisville, CO.

AFJ Instructor Soke Douglas Smith with students at East Coast Martial Arts located in Washington D.C.

AFJ Instructor Grand Master Vernon L. Weaver Sr. ( Kyoshi ) The founder of American Combat Chinjitsu

AFJ Instructor Kenneth Keith of Takeo-Ryu Goshin Jitsu from Chicago, IL with some of his students.


AFJ Instructor Grand Master Michael L. Hansard Founder of USA Combat Jujitsu from Muncie, IN with some of his students.

AFJ Instructor Christian Cabral, Goshin Karate from Brooklyn, NY.

AFJ Instructor Berry Soles, of the Bear Connection, Maiden, NC, with students at their award dinner.

AFJ Instructor Joseph Buckway with his students from Imperial, CA


Always Rolling Jiu Jitsu located in Jacksonville NC. Instructor/owner  David Francis



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