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By Ron Rysavy

In today’s world, one cannot take our situations lightly. We must be trained and alert for what we encounter daily. Too many of us walk everyday in a clueless state of living. Most of us don’t really pay attention to our surroundings, drive or walk the same way to work everyday, and are oblivious to changes until they suddenly happen. This is also how some security/police/martial artist are caught off guard. It seems we are in the freeway or autobahn mode of getting to places as fast as we can, and not prepared for detours.

We, as martial artist, especially instructors, should be in a “yellow light” mode. In other words be cautious, scan regularly your surroundings, and think also ahead of where you will be going. Most confrontations can be avoided if we are “watchful”. Also, if a fight is unavoidable, we can be better prepared. Training with a certified instructor is a must, especially an instructor who can prepare you for the street and life. An instructor who just teaches tournament martial arts is only giving you half of what you need. So check around, any of the instructors in our Federation meet the grade of instructors who will lead you to the proper path.

Jujitsu will assist you to become more alert, train well for physical/mental fitness, and how to defend you and your family. In my classes, I will on occasion train in a park with uneven ground, or in rain or snow, in a parking lot, as well as the dojo. Variety keeps the mind and body alert, and ready for tactics of street attackers. In these times , we can no longer afford to be “clueless”, we need to be leaders and teach people how to be the best they can be and avoid being a victim.. In the long run, being focused keeps one relaxed and conserves energy. Avoiding surprises, not being caught up in the “fright syndrome” (tunnel vision caused by being surprised and not ready), by training. Live well and train hard each day, even if only for a few moments. Besides martial arts, reading t learn more about history and the world is invaluable… know more about people you deal with each day, be open to new ideas to expand your knowledge and better your martial art skills. Bruce Lee had his good martial arts knowledge, but was also very aware to update and hone his skills everyday!

To succeed in modern day society, one must be aware that most situations can be handled, if we are the confident one! If one says the have no time for practice, not so. We can workout when watching TV, taking a break at the office, while stuck in traffic, etc. Live well, strive hard, enjoy life, and be a leader!

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