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There has been a recent change in the International Federation of Jujitsu policies concerning Yudansha (Black Belt Ranks).  Please read the following:

Advancing to Higher Black Belt Rankings
in Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu

Many personal variations of the basic techniques, studied on the video course or in person with an Instructor, can be applied as you advance in the art of Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu. You may branch out and specialize in any chosen area of training. Time in training, practice and teaching are the main concerns in Yudansha promotions (upper black belt ranks). After you reach Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt),  you can advance in rank by applying for the next level when time in rank is accumulated. Remember, what ever upper rank you are, you must still be able to demonstrate the basic techniques required to Shodan and you must be active in the Arts during the time period. Schools may, at their discretion, use curriculum requirements for Dan ranks. If you are a Black Belt under a local Instructor or School, check your schools requirements.

Below are the requirements for rank advancement:

2nd   Degree after 2 years as a  1st Degree Black Belt
3rd    Degree after 3 years as a  2nd Degree Black Belt
4th    Degree after 4 years as a  3rd Degree Black Belt
5th    Degree after 5 years as a  4th Degree Black Belt
6th    Degree after 6 years as a  5th Degree Black Belt
7th    Degree after 7 years as a  6th Degree Black Belt
8th    Degree after 8 years as a  7th Degree Black Belt
9th    Degree after 9 years as a  8th Degree Black Belt
10th  Degree after 10 years as a 9th Degree Black Belt

Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu Instructors, use the above charter to calculate your rank advancement date by adding the required years to the date on your current certificate. You must re-register the advancement will not automatically happen.
For an application click here.


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