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All Instructors are welcome to EMAIL the Federation with their testimonials. Please include your Name, Rank and Style.


To the AFJ,
I want to thank you first and foremost for letting me continue my education in the martial arts and Jiu Jitsu as well as excepting my curriculum and name. It has been a tough road in the martial arts community and this is what I've been trying to find for a while. What I have to offer may be small but it's something I truly believe in. Once again thank you.
Sincerely Sense David Francis.
First degree black belt Kempo Karate
Brown belt in Jiu Jitsu

Hi Master Moore

Charles  Gallacher  Scotia-Ryu International Budo Association Shichidan 7th degree black belt

I have been doing martial arts since 1973 started coaching in the early 90ís and still continue to this day.   I have been teaching at local Clubs, International and regional venues over the years.

 Schools of primary 1 to primary 7 and High Schools 1st year to 6th year pupils also adults and senior members of the public at different venues. I have been involved in many coaching courses up and down the whole of the U.K and have been with some wonderful and great instructors and people over the years in other parts of the world.

I have been involved with many School instructors, federations and Associations of Martial Arts over the years.

But never have I ever come over such a Federation in all my years such as the AJF,

Which gives the amount of freedom to its instructors to be able to help promote and develop themselves and their schools

I love the professional look of the  School Charters that is on offer from the federation It gives your School a professional look  

 Its a great Organization which Iím proud and honored to be a member of .I find it so easy to approach yourself . I love the way the website is formed, Its  great that such an organization has been developed over the years and is free from politics etc ,

Iím  proud to be a member of the AJF. Iím pleased and excited and love being a member of such a great organization its great being part of such an organization which promotes all kind of jujitsu and other martial arts organizations and is free from politics,  its great to see.         WONDERFUL///////////////

itís an honor to be part of such a great organization keep up the great work you do a wonderful job in promoting the AJF .Master Moore.

I cant thank you enough and most grateful for everything, our a True and Wonderful  Master and a treasure to have at the AJF

Many Thanks for everything 

Kind Regards  Charles Gallacher Shichidan


Master Master Jeffrey L. Moore and the AJF,

Thank you for recognizing Uechi-Ryu Kokusai Kyokai in your organiziation.
My teacher, Hanshi James Thompson, started teaching me Aikido in Uechi-Ryu 
in the 1970's and how grappling has always been a part of Uechi-Ryu that I had not seen before.
I started Uechi-ryu in the 1960's and had not considered how the throws and take-downs were
introducing me to Aiki-Jutsu back then. Sensei Thompson was a green beret in Viet Nam and 
received his Shodan in Aikido with the Yoshinkan based in Tokyo as well as his Dan ranks from
Grand Master Uechi in Okinawa.  After 1999 he separated the Aikido into a formal stand alone system.
I started extensive use of AFJ services while at Mile High Karate which is a misnomer because so much
of the curriculum is Jujitsu talk in the Japanese nomenclature. It was then that I started to see
the connect between Aikido and Jujitsu and now I am so excited to start to learn Yoshin-Ryu having
learned more of the history of Aikido and it foundations.

My sons and my wife are all martial arts instructors at there own martial arts schools. 
One of my sons, Miles Bennett, is now studying Jujitsu and we intend to study Yoshin-Ryu together.
We are so excited to started studying the AFJ DVD and training material.

Again, Thank you, Sensei Moore.

Allen Jay Bennett
Mile High Aikido Instructor at Bennetts Karate, LLC
77 Erie Village Square, Erie, CO. 80516
Uechi-Ryu Soke Shubukan Shihan #020
OkiKuKai Uechi-Ryu Shihan #141
Uechi-Ryu Kokusai Kyokai Kyoshi #006
Mile High Karate Master Instructor, 8dan

Dear Master Moore,

I want to thank you and everyone at the AFJ for the new lease on my martial arts life.  After my sensei left, I thought that I would never be able to advance in rank or be able to teach.  I look forward to the video instruction of Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu in the near future.
Again, Thank you
Jon Sosa
1st Dan & Founder
Bushido Goshin Jujitsu

I'm Grand Master Emmanuel David Ortega-I 10th degree and sit on the Advisory Board of Hawai'i Martial Arts International Society, I hold ten degree in Hawai'i kenpo jujitsu. I'am very proud to be a member of this organization, they have recieve me with open arms, I highly recommend American Federation Jujitsu to all up coming instructors interested in continue learning the Art of Jujitsu. Master Jeffrey L. Moore has work very hard to create a home for any or all instructors with the hunger and thirst for knowledge. The DVD and training manual are second to none they will built on your skills.
Grand Master Emmanuel D. Ortega
10th degree Hawaii kenpo jujitsu Society
9th degree Tao of Ch'uanfa Xia Olin Kung Fu
4th Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu
interm Danzan Ryu Jujitsu Master
3 rd Ninjujitsu
3 rd Daito Ryu roppo kai aiki jujitsu
3rd Kenpo Jujitsu
3 kajukenbo
Shodan Tae kwon do



Master Moore,

I had an interesting interaction that I wanted to share. I took an advanced Aikido Seminar. It was a phenomenal seminar and I learned a lot. I was paired off with a student from one of his schools who commented on how Judo/Jujitsu students were so good at getting out of some of the Aikido holds and he wanted to know if I could "get out" of a Gonkyu lock. I said I thought I could and would show him.....I'm not sure what he expected but I was able to demonstrate your evasive maneuvers for arm-bars/shoulder throw effectively. I told a lot of people about Yoshin Ryu, my sensei Master Moore and your training program and wanted to say thanks for you work and for your tutelage.

Joshua R. Cleveland, D.C.
Cleveland Family Chiropractic Center
"A Wellness Centered Facility for the Entire Family"
109 North Main St.
River Falls, WI 54022
715.425.2273 Fax

Dear Master Moore,
Near the end of 1996 I found myself without a martial arts teacher and an association, a common story these days. It is sad when studios move in and out so fast and true teachers are hard to find. I did not even know if I wanted to pursue the martial arts any more but, I truly loved Aiki-Jujitsu.
So, later around Sept. 1998, I wrote a letter to the AFJ and asked a few questions about Master Moore's association, etc. Today, I have no regrets. I found an association that cares for its members as well as the promotion of all types of Jujitsu. I found a new teacher and a place to grow and learn. I found a place where time and commitment means something and is rewarded. I encourage all in the martial arts, specifically those jujitsu minded, to join and grow with the AFJ, you won't be sorry!
Sensei Marcel DaSilva (Nidan)
American Kokoro Ryu

Master Moore,
Thanks to your Federation, my dojo is a lot more organized and easier to operate... The only regret I have, is: I should of joined your Federation long ago...
John Nemes
1st Dan
American FreeStyle Jiu-Jitsu
Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Master Moore:
While serving in the US Navy for 10 years and being a martial artist, I found it difficult to maintain an affiliation with a martial arts organizations and dojos as I frequently moved. The AFJ is one of the few organizations that I have found that truly is unconcerned with the politics and rigid organization that appears to stereotype some other organizations.
John Hahn
5th Dan Bushikaikyu Kempo/Jiu-Jitsu
3rd Dan Shinkage Ryu Ninjitsu
2nd Dan Okinawan Kobudo
1st Dan Nakae Ryu Jiu-Jitsu

Master Moore and the AJF,
Up until recently Hanulak Shihan has never been affiliated with an outside federation. In the past he stated that he would probably never would because they usually are very political and controlling. Out of all the federations available, Hanulak Shihan chose The AJF. He stated he liked the way The AJF welcomes all styles of Jujitsu and feels that the AJF will serve the best interests for all of our Senso-Ryu dojo around the world in the future. We are all very excited.
James Fitzgerald
Director of Student Relations for
Theodore Hanulak Shihan
Aiki-Jutsu Academy & Zen Center of Indianapolis, Hombu Dojo.

I am honored to be a member of your fine organization, what made me want to become a member was your non-political attitude to all styles of the martial arts, from the samurai warrior to the roman gladiator we are all a part of the warrior tradition. Thanks for your
Alvie Lewis Walts
3rd Degree Black Belt
Jik Chun JKD

Master Moore,
A note of congratulations on your new American Federation of Jujitsu webpage, I look forward to watching our federation grow in the services of the Martial arts on the net.
Weymouth School of Defense

For a couple of years I studied with a local ju-jijitsu black belt, he was my unarmed
tactical instructor in the police academy, shortly after receiving my black belt, he was
promoted to detective and no longer had time to teach me. That's when I joined the A.F.J. I'm proud to be one of many certified instructors in the art of ju-jitsu. Now I can share my knowledge to other people.
Thank for all your help,
Sensei Richard Stevenson
1st dan ju-jitsu
4th dan combative kenpo karate

Dear Master Moore;
I would like to thank you for presenting an organization which offers its members the opportunity to unite the spirit and purpose of the martial arts. This Federation is an organization for its members. Without prejustice, or politics to influence or interfere with the true spirit of Budo. I would encourage all true artists of Budo to become a part of this growing Federation. To join together, as a family, and keep the martial arts as they truely should be.
Thank You;
Shihan Ronald L. Hughes
7th Dan Okinawan Karate
6th Dan Kobudo Weapons
5th Dan Goshin Ha Jui Jitsu

Dear Master Moore,
Congratulations on another job well done. This web site brings the AFJ family together and compliments your many fine services. You have also managed to stay non-political on the subject of martial arts.
The AFJ video was an excellent piece of work and and is a nice addition to my collection. I look forward to seeing any other material you and your staff
Paul M. Jerard, Jr.
AURA Martial Arts
Pawtucket, RI
Yondan - Uechi-Ryu Karate
Guru Muda - Mustika Kweetang Pentjak Silat

Osu AFJ,
My name is Master Paul Irizarry Founder of Kenkakai-kan-jitsu Karate-do. The American Federation of Jujitsu is all you need, Its videos and certificate program are # 1 we at the INTERNATIONAL KENKAKAI-KAN-JITSU KARATE-DO ORGANIZATION , Congratulate the A.F.J. AND MASTER MOORE for the excellent work . kenkakai-kan-jitsu is happy to be part of this family of the AMERICAN FEDERATION OF JUJITSU. OSU!
Shidoshi, Paul Irizarry
7th dan Founder of Kenkakai-kan-jitsu karate-do
Owner of Irizarry's karate academy
Head director for I.M.A.L.
( in Puerto Rico)
and 4th dan in Kyokushin Karate.

Master Moore,
Having trained for years in various traditional styles, including jujitsu, karate, and aikido, taking a non-stylized approach to my training, I was able to trim away nonfunctional and outdated techniques keeping only what worked for me in the ring or on the street. The result, Kichi Kai 4 Range Fighting, is a highly effective system that may never have grown without Master Moore and the staff of The American Federation of Jujitsu. Through their open-mindedness I was able to open a dojo of my own, teach my own curriculum, and promote my students through a nationally recognized organization. I have nothing but respect for an organization such as this, whose singular goal is the furtherance of the warrior spirit.
Justin "Stick" Booth
Kichi Kai 4 Range Fighting

Master Moore,
As a black belt and martial arts practitioner for the past six years in the Korean art Soo Bahk Do (Tang Soo Do) and a lifetime member of the American Federation of Jujitsu, I am proud to belong to an art open to all Martial Artist and also one that is dedicated to the grappling arts...I feel that every martial artist should be able to protect himself if once taken to the ground. AJF Continue to Grow! God Bless. Chung Shin
Black Belt Mr. Squires
Soo Bahk

Dear Master Moore,
I wish to thank you for your efforts in maintaining a Federation of Jujitsuans for those of us who must struggle along the path of budo in search of excellence in the combative arts. We owe much to both you and to those who spent a lifetime in mastering the techniques of numerous jujitsu systems so they could be passed on to future generations. In the words of those who have gone before, "It matters not that we may not scale the peak, our achievement and reward is just to climb."
Lauren D. Basham
Sandan - Kano Ryu Jujitsu System
1st Degree Korean Hopkido
2nd Chung do Kwon
Sandan - Ueshiba Aikido System
4th Degree Moo Duk Kwon Tae Kwon Do

Master Moore,
I have been in Martial arts for 31 of my 44 years and have worked with many systems and Associations. AFJ is the best, you are very responsive to suggestions from your Black Belts, lets work to make it "All the Way...AFJ!"
Walk in Peace and Honor,
Rokudan Robert M. Paris
Blue Dragon Jujitsu

Since I joined the A.F.J. I've had more students wanting the prestigious rank certifications signed by Master Moore and myself. I have found the service of the A.F.J. to be outstanding and the video tapes great to learn from.
Bosier C. White
Second Degree Combat Jujitsu
American White Dragon Combat Systems

It is an honor to be associated with the AFJ, and I am a proud to be a member.
Thank You,
Sensei Jack Buck

Dear Master Moore,
The AFJ has given me the recognition that has helped my school to grow. I have been a part of other organizations/ federations, but none have given me the support that the American Federation of Jujitsu has given me and my students and for that I am deeply grateful.
Robert A. Zellner, Sr.
10th degree black belt and Founder of Takemusu Aiki Ryu-Do
5th degree black belt in
Kenpo Karate
Black Sash in Wing Chun Gung Fu
Black Sash in Lian Shi
System of Gung Fu
Black belt in various forms of Karate, Jujitsu and Ninjitsu

As a martial artist with thirty years experience I feel That I have indeed been around long enough to recognize quality, competence. and integrity in a martial arts organization and it's leadership.
As a member and instructor with the American Federation of Jujitsu, I am very proud to say that I indeed Belong to an organization that steadfastly adheres to the high standards the warrior arts were initially founded upon. Under the very able and competent leadership of Director Master Jeffrey L. Moore and the other high ranking instructors. The American Federation truly develops the spiritual, mental and physical areas of each individual student and better prepares each individual to meet and master present and future challenges encountered in life. I am truly honored to be a part of this very positive organization and have truly found wisdom and truth in the Japanese phrase "Shiken Haramitsu Daikomyo" "From every encounter shall I experience my highest good."
Master Norman L. Gentry
4th Dan Tae Kwon Do &
Sul Sa Do
5th Dan Combat Hwarang Mu Sul
Owner and Head Instructor
White Tiger Combative Arts Academy
Author of ;
"Treasures of the Great Warriors"

Dear Master Moore,
The AFJ has given me the recognition that has helped my school to grow. I have been a part of other organizations / federations, but none have given me the support that the American Federation of Jujitsu has given me and my students and for that I am deeply grateful.
Robert A. Zellner, Sr.
10th degree black belt and Founder of Takemusu Aiki Ryu-Do
5th degree black belt in
Kenpo Karate
Black Sash in Wing Chun Gung Fu
Black Sash in Lian Shi
System of Gung Fu
Black belt in various forms of Karate, Jujitsu and Ninjitsu

Dear AFJ,
I thank you for everything that you have done for me. You have one of the best organizations that I have had the pleasure of knowing. Master Moore, you are doing a very good job in running the AFJ organization. You're the best Sensei in the World.
Thank You,
Leroy Monroe
9th Degree Black Belt

I am so thankful for the AFJ. It gives me the opportunity to teach and develop realistic fighting skills at an affordable price. Master Moore is the best teacher that I have ever encountered.
Master D. Thomas

Dear Master Moore,
The AFJ is number one! It unites martial artist of all styles in the common goal of preserving and expanding the honorable traditions associated with Jujitsu, as well as all martial arts systems.
Sherman A. Bergman
4th Degree Black Belt
American JuJitsu
Former Kickboxer: 37/4,
37 knockouts

Dear Master Moore,
It's wonderful to be certified with the American Federation of Jujitsu because it recognizes the time and effort we have spent when we are independent.
Bruno Brochu
5th Dan Jujitsu
2nd Dan Shaolin Kempo
1st Dan Yoseikan

Master Moore,
I am very proud to be in the A.F.J. It is a great honor to have my Combat Jujitsu System in the Federation. Your certificates and patches are very well made. I am hoping to buy your training tapes soon. They will be very helpful for my school.
Shihan M.L. Hansard
U.S.A. Combat Jujitsu

Master Moore,
Ever since I've joined the American Federation of Jujitsu, I've had nothing but praise for the organization. In today's word, we are all becoming aware of the need to share all of our knowledge, ideas and techniques between the different martial art styles that exist today. It's here where I became most impressed with the A.F.J. The commitment and unbiased desire to bring all styles together in an environment that enables us to learn and adapt to our ever-changing society makes the A.F.J. second to none. It's here where different Martial Artist can come together and help one another succeed in the on going process of self-defense. I want to personally thank all persons involved in creating the A.F.J. I am proud to say that I'm a member of the A.F.J. Keep up the good work.
Brandon C. Warr
2nd Degree Black Belt
Lung Pai Taijitsu

Master Moore,
Kudos on your new website! While I have not been a member of the AFJ long, I have been involved in the martial arts for 29 years. I have been a member of several different organizations during that time, as you can well imagine. It is refreshing to belong to an organization that is more interested in the art and the people that practice it rather than the political struggles inherent in large organizations. The freedom that this organization offers allows Jiu Jitsu to be practiced as a living art that can adapt to the needs of the individual, and adaptation is, after all the hallmark of Jiu Jitsu. To quote a fellow Jiu Jitsu instructor, "There are no advanced techniques, only advanced students", people with vision. I am proud to be affiliated with the AFJ, Keep up the good work!
Robert Puckett
Soshi, Seikijuku Dojo

Dear Master Moore,
I would like to thank your fine organization once again for recognition of our system Jik Chun JKD Freestyle. Jik Chun is a hybrid Martial system combining the most proven combative skills of the Oriental Martial Arts (Kempo, Thai Boxing, Jujitsu, JKD) with the functionality of Western methods (Boxing, Wrestling). Your open-minded approach to all Martial Arts is to be recommended and honored as a true follower of the Bushido Way- Way of the Warrior.
Alvie Lewis Walts
3rd Degree Black Belt
Jik Chun JKD Freestyle

"We recognize the Federation's efforts to dissolve the political barriers which have impeded the progress of many great martial artists. Its bold, non-political stance has opened the doors to higher study for countless numbers of students, who might have otherwise been stagnated by senseless political bologna."
Philip A. Payne, benefactor
Ken-shen ryu Bushi-jujitsu
On behalf of the Fellowship of Independent Warriors

Master Moore,
The A.F.J. offers it's members the benefit of it's many years of experience in a variety of different systems. Whether one is an independent instructor or one trains under a head master the federation has something to offer for everyone. Already I am incorporating techniques from your latest video release into my teachings.
Mark Strasser
1st Dan JuJitsu
1st Dan Shootwrestling Canada

Dear Master Moore,
The AFJ is a fine organizational governing body. It is composed of some dedicated and fine martial artists. The Jujitsu video is superb and shows devastating techniques. As I am always seeking refinement of my art, I find with the AFJ there is always something I can use for any specified purpose. If you are seriously looking for a no nonsense approach to excellent Jujitsu studies that you can really utilized, look no further, you've found it! The AFJ format is effective. The video is well produced. I can honestly say "I am happy to be a member of the AFJ team and I think you will be too!"
S.S. Williams
4th Degree Black Belt
Kempo - Jujitsu

Dear Master Moore,
I would like to thank you and your organization for accepting me as part of your organization. You have recognized me as a 7th Dan in American Bujutsu-Ryu Kempo. This system incorporates striking, grappling and weapons. It is a close quarter combat system designed for self-defense in the streets.
Shihan Kevin L. Beale

Dear A.F.J./ Master Moore,
The American Federation of Jujitsu provides top notch, high quality and excellent martial arts training material and services. The A.F.J. provides great customer service in addition to producing one of the most professional and cost effective training videos I have ever seen. As a Black Belt Instructor and president of a martial arts organization, I would like to state that the A.F.J. has been a great addition to the martial arts community and I am proud to be affiliated with their organization and have their support.
Andrew Butterfield
Black Belt Instructor

Dear Master Moore,
Unfortunately, like most Martial Artists that have been around for many years, I have experienced my share of training schools that have closed. I was extremely pleased to find your organization. Shortly after receiving my second degree Black Belt in Aiki JuJitsu, the school I was training at closed and the instructor moved to Chicago. I was able to continue my training to third degree via mail and videotape exchange with my master. The story goes from bad to worse when my master divorced his wife and let out for parts unknown. Last I heard he was in California. I have, like many martial artists continued my training through videos, books, etc. I have now been a third degree Black Belt for three and a half years and was very worried about my fourth degree master certification due in one year. Thanks to your organization, I can continue my training without the worry of another school closing. Keep up the good work.
Sam Brown
Chief Instructor

Dear Master Moore,
Please add my sincere thanks to you and our ever-growing brotherhood of dedicated Martial-Artist. Since joining the AFJ in March 99, I've been "blessed" with the opportunity to share full-time the knowledge and wisdom of nearly 30 years of training.
Like many of your testimonials, my earliest training (from the 70's and 80's) was rigorous and demanding but poorly documented. Often the Master would have no affiliation beyond the Dojo and many times people simply moved away and all contact ceased. It was frustrating for me and frankly I wanted better for my students.
Currently I'm expanding by base through the Community college system (CCAC), the Catholic Youth Asson. of Pgh. Boys/Girls club (Lawrenceville) and Vintage Senior Center. Hopefully when I'm ready to open my Dojo, I'll secure the school charter throught the AFJ.
Best wishes for continued success.
Stanley J. Jones
Reiki Master and founder of Taoist Health & Martial Fitness
Nidan American Dragon Combat Kempo Karate
Nidan Jujitsu Bushi No Te USA
1st Dan Songahm Taekwondo ATA
Certified Member International Combat Hapkido Federation ICHF

A Note of Thanks,
I would like to thank the American Federation of Jujitsu for giving me the opportunity to be affiliated with them. I hand received my 1st degree in Judo 3 years ago and had been a long time student of Jujitsu but I didnít have any affiliation and I was training on my own. I am very happy to be an Instructor under the worldís largest open style Jujitsu association.
Thank you for the opportunity
Leon W. McCormick

Dear AFJ/Master Moore
Let me start off by saying thanks for letting me have the chance to be a part of the AFJ. I wanted to write and let you know that I'm very impressed with the AFJ and the web page is amazing. I don't think I have ever seen a web page with as much information as the AFJ. I have only been a member for a few months now and I have already been contacted by another member of the AFJ. It is great I love networking with fellow martial artists. Thanks again and good luck to all AFJ members.
Sensei Michael S Williams
Free Flow Combat Jujitsu
Freestyle Jujitsu

Dear Master Moore,
I would like to compliment you on your professionalism with regards to answering questions, flexibility of situations, and prompt responses by email. You can tell you run this like a business that is customer friendly. But on the other side you can tell by what you say and how you say it that martial arts is a passion and another refreshing point is that, even if the money is an important part you don't pass that feeling on to your students/clients. I wish I were in your area to study at your dojo.
Randy Jeanes

Dear Master Moore,
I received the Federation Certificate and it is a really beautiful item. It is an honor to me to belong to the Federation.
Sensei Hector Cumpiano

Master Moore,
Your organization has helped me out. I found myself without a school, or an organization because I could no longer afford the high fees. So I decided to join your organization. It is exactly what I have been looking for too. I have found most members of the martial arts community to be great, and supportive of my new school. My two children were heart broken, when we had to leave due to financial reasons only. It was the first time that I couldn't afford something for my kids. I opened up a small school out of my 24' x 26' garage. This way my children can still study martial arts, and have some others train with them to make it feel more like a larger school. Your organization gives me more credibility in people's eyes too. I am a patient, and caring instructor and have had to turn large numbers away from my little school. However, I will be opening up a larger school next year after July. I will open it up with one other person with 6 full time instructors. I am impressed how others have supported me on this endeavor. I would like to have a long relationship with the AFJ. My son got his Jr. Black Belt, and my daughter will get her brown belt in August. I am so proud of my kids. Here is a great story. I had a child come to me with DMS (Delayed Motor Skills). He had been diagnosed by doctors. Well four months into training they had him tested again, and his DMS was gone. His parents were afraid to bring him to other karate schools for fear of them getting angry with him over this issue. I was a family friend, and told them I would gladly accept him. This is what martial arts is all about. Out of this I also got his other two siblings, and one cousin as a member of my school. I must be doing something right. Martial arts is not only about fighting, it is about building self-esteem and children with positive attitudes. Thank you once again....
Douglas Veronesi

Dear Master Moore
Finding you was most beneficial for me. I have been involved in the martial arts for 34 years this year. I have trained extensively in wrestling, tae kwon do, American karate, aikido, judo, jiu-jitsu, kendo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but due to injury, school closings, or relocation I was never able to attain to black belt level. Under my last sensei (1991-1998) I became the "coach" for the aikido class and would teach whenever sensei was busy, which was often. In those 7 years the people from Aikikai only came twice for testing.
Don't get me wrong; the point of study should NOT be to focus on black belt. Black belt should just be a by-product of training to become a more capable person. However, if one should desire to share their knowledge people in America look for the black belt certificate right away.
Now I have seen enough things over the decades to know that I was a martial artist of abilities at black belt level or better. I contacted one well-known martial arts instructor and explained my situation to him and he offered to do for me for $125 what you did for far less.
I appreciate your program. Thanks in part to you I am currently opening a specialized instructional program for individuals looking to improve survivability on all levels.
Regards and Respect,
Phil Buechner
Crescent City, CA 95531


Master Moore,
I appreciate your time, and sincerely thank you for
your help in allowing me the opportunity to put
together my style. This has been a dream of mine for a
number of years, and without you and the federation,
it would not be possible. I am proud to be a member of
the AFJ, and will do all in my power to support both
you and the federation.
The Honor is to Serve,
K C Thomas
5th Dan, Encircling Tiger Jujitsu
1st Dan, Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu
4th Dan, Tae Kwon Do

Dear Master Moore,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the AFJ for your
support of the Molum Combat Arts System and School. For Many years I have been affiliated with other organizations and felt I was really part of the organization. And, for many year I was never able to get promoted with my Si-gnup had retired and moved away. Most of the Karate organization would not recognize the Molum Kung-Fu System even when my Sifu was the Bak Mei representative to the United States from the Hong Kong Boxing Association. This in itself was disappointing. However, Since I have retired form the Military and no longer a Regional Director for the Armed Forces Karate Federation I needed to re-establish myself in the U.S. The AFJ has done that for me. I now have the opportunity to complete my goal and be Recognized for Keisatsu Jujitsu and the Molum Combat Arts not only as Martial Arts Systems but as a school. Since I have started teaching my students are competing in more tournaments and being recognized for their achievements. Most of them have been in the top ten for the PKC in Indiana. So, I want to thank the AFJ for giving me the aspiration to continue my teaching.
Tim White
Founder Molum Combat Arts/Keisatsu Jujitsu
7th Dan AFJ

Dear Master Moore;
I just wanted to write a letter of thanks to you and the AFJ. Not only have you provided an outstanding service to those instructors like myself who found that politics are slowly ruining martial arts organizations, but you did it right. Outstanding, friendly service, National recognition for instructors and students all run by a heck of a nice guy, and outstanding instructor. Since joining your organization, I have nothing but praise for the
AFJ, its instructors, and the way the organization is run.
David Padgett
Chief Instructor
Genkotsu-Ryu JuJutsu

Dear Master Moore:
Yes, what was kindly bestowed is fully and humbly appreciated! (The package arrived on yesterday)
I must also tell you that the Yoshin-Ryu video was the best I've ever seen, and the quality superb. I am PROUD to represent our Association to the fullest degree. It was amazing to see the relation that Yoshin-Ryu has to Tatsu-Ryu. You now hold the place, to us of Tatsu-Ryu Aikijujutsu and Tatsu-Ryu Bushidokai International, as Honorary Grandmaster.
Please do not hesitate to call upon me in any capacity for AmFJ.
Yours in the Arts,
William A. Harrison

Dear Master Moore,

As someone who has been involved in martial arts for over 40 years, I have seen many martial arts organizations come and go. Most of them were "stylized" and focused only on the objectives and goals of one style, leaving many people who trained with dedication in a constant state of "starting over" to accomplish any kind of rank recognition.

The policies and methods of rank recognition for the AFJ clearly makes the right call regarding such people, allowing credit for all their years of training regardless of style, and places them at an appropriate level in which they can function as both students or instructors. The road to knowledge takes many turns, and people learn many things relating to their arts in different ways. Much of the balance and centering crucial to jujitsu may be learned in judo training, while stances and movement principles may be learned in karate classes. The actual body mechanics of jujitsu may be displayed in any art, such as the derivative arts of aikido and judo, so it is both perceptive and correct to give credit to individuals who engage in such training.

As we approach higher levels of learning, the arts all begin to come closer together in technique, and if the regimen is followed in any art, the players will eventually uncover the same information regardless of the style or art of practice. Only the road to knowledge and our understanding is different, not the knowledge itself.

If those that engage in martial arts training are honest with themselves and others, their resume' of training will tell much about their level of knowledge. I congratulate the AFJ for both its ranking policies and for the openness of its membership. If we study, practice, and continue in our arts, we will uphold our purpose for training, and improve our skills beyond even those rankings.

Our purpose in training isn't simply to learn to win, but to remain undefeated. Where all rank is honorary, and based on accepted norms of training time and skill, it is refreshing to see an organization where upper levels of rank can be attained by a legitimate analysis of skill and training history, rather than by "carrying the suitcases" of organizational leaders or paying exorbitant fees to "buy a belt".

If our purpose is "to train because there is training to do..." then we uphold both the principles of jujitsu and the purpose of our endeavor. My congratulations to the AFJ for having a consistent policy that allows everyone an opportunity to advance both the arts we practice and to gain recognition for the work that we do. TEAM is a term used in business meaning "together everyone accomplishes more". AFJ is a perfect example.

Grady E. Burchett
Hachidan, Kyusho Jitsu
Nidan, Judo
19 years, unranked training in Aikido

Master Moore;

I just wanted to drop you another note to thank you for your organization and all you do for the style of Jujutsu.
I was appointed yesterday as the US Ambassador for the Martial Arts Association-International, which is established in over 90 countries. I could not have accomplished this without the support that the AFJ has provided me, not only by recognizing my rank, but by helping me to become more established in the martial arts community as a whole.

My sincere thanks
your friend in the arts
David Padgett
Martial Arts Association-International
US Ambassador
Proud Life Member of the AFJ

Master Moore,
I have now received my certification in Yoshin Ryu Ju Jitsu. Thank you.
It is an honor to be part of your Federation.
You have been very efficient with me.
As a Martial artist who has trained in many styles and with many different Instructors/Associations I found you to be very helpful in all ways.

I thank you once again,
Martin Folan

Dear Master Moore,
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to become apart of your great organization.

Keith Sipmann
Founder: Doragon Kobushi Ryu
4th Dan Tae Kwon Do
1st Dan Chi-Do Kwan Karate Do

........Everyday I do something related to Martial Arts. Whether it be
training, studying teaching, etc.. Simply said "it is a major part of my
life!" As a coach, teacher, husband and father-the time to impart my
knowledge in martial arts was very limited. As a result of your
organization, I have fulfilled my lifelong dream, as I've opened my own
school-doing exactly what I love to do (Teaching/coaching individuals in
the martial arts!!) Thank You, Master Moore for this opportunity.

Respectfully Yours,
 Sensei, Mike Carmiche,
Ms., CSCS., Owner/ Head Instructor,
Yoshin Ryu Combat academy, LLC.

Master Moore,
At a glance Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu is more than just a Jujitsu system. It is an approach that has simplicity for self defense. The simplicity doesnít not lie in the technique but rather in the effectiveness and approach of the technique. You havenít learned Yoshin until Master Moore takes you down. You havenít learned Yoshin until you go train. There is a fine line between theory and practice. The people in the Yoshin Ryu system are very pleasant and get right down to business. You just need to empty your cup and look at things with White Belt eyes. Mario Leone


Dear master Moore sensei
DVD arrived today and I congratulate you on such a quality and excellent informative teaching and study Resource for the art of jujitsu
The DVD is amazing you are very Highly skilled your jujitsu is excellent and all the techniques are how I do them myself in many ways your footwork and posture and focus is truely masterful it is a pleasure to watch study and learn from such a resource and such a highly skilled jujitsu master


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