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This page contains suggestions for Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu Instructors.
It will help with basic guidelines for their classes.

Yoshin Instructors may email questions that are not answered on this page.


Students (regardless of age)- Judo Style, White Uniforms

Student (apprentice) Black Belts- Judo Style, White Uniforms

Instructors to 3rd Black- Judo Style, White Jacket, Black Pants

Master Instructors, 5th and above- Judo Style, White or Black Jacket, Black Pants (Black Hakama optional)

Black Belts must wear Black Hakama while testing students or for formal occasions

(Uniforms, Belts and Hakama can be purchased from Asian World of Martial Arts)



Yoshin Ryu Patch should be worn on your left side of the front of the Jacket

American Federation of Jujitsu patch may be worn on the left shoulder


Yoshin Ryu Belt Colors for adult requirements (as demonstrated on the video) and recommend time requirements:

Godkyu, 1st Green Belt (Solid Green Belt)
No less then one month training

Yonkyu, 2nd Green Belt (Green Belt with a Centered Black Horizontal Stripe)
No less then two months training after 1st Green

Sankyu, 1st Brown Belt (Solid Brown Belt)
No less then three months training after 2nd Green

Nikyu, 2nd Brown Belt (Brown Belt with a Centered Black Horizontal Stripe)
No less then four months training after 1st Brown

Ikkyu, Student Black Belt (Solid Black Belt)
No less then 5 months training after 2nd Brown

Shodan, 1st Black Belt (Black Belt with one gold stripe on the tail)
No less then 6 months training after Student Black

Nidan, 2nd Black Belt - Sandan, 3rd Black Belt and Yondan, 4th Black Belt with a gold stripe on your right belt tail for each degree of Black Belt earned. Your left belt tail can have your name.

Masters, Godan, 5th Black Belt - Rokudan, 6th Black Belt and Shichidan, 7th  Black Belt, a Black and Red paneled belt Your left belt tail can have your name.

Grand Masters, Hachidan, 8th Black Belt - Kudan, 9th Black Belt and Judan, 10th Black Belt , a White and Red paneled belt your left belt tail can have your name.

Black Belt time between ranks:

2nd Degree after 2 years as a 1st Degree Black Belt
3rd Degree after 3 years as a 2nd Degree Black Belt
4th Degree after 4 years as a 3rd Degree Black Belt
5th Degree after 5 years as a 4th Degree Black Belt
6th Degree after 6 years as a 5th Degree Black Belt
7th Degree after 7 years as a 6th Degree Black Belt
8th Degree after 8 years as a 7th Degree Black Belt
9th Degree after 9 years as a 8th Degree Black Belt
10th Degree after 10 years as a 9th Degree Black Belt

Yoshin Ryu Belt Colors for junior requirements
Instructors are responsible for the curriculum:

Time requirements are set by Instructors






Black with a Centered White Horizontal Stripe
(When Juniors move to the adult boards they may wear their student black belt as they progress through the adult ranks or they may choose to wear the adult belt)

Recommend Ages:

Juniors 5 years old  to no more then 16 years old.

Adults 13 years old to ?

(Instructors should use their own discretion  for junior to adult maturity levels.)


You must be a minimum rank of Student Black Belt to test students. You may test a student to the level of one rank below your rank.

Yoshin Instructors should have their adult students demonstrate their belt requirements right and left handed in order from memory. No coaching or prompting is allowed. You are allowed three mistakes per test.

The adults are required to also pass a written test from the terminology page. One section per level. By 1st Degree Black Belt, the student will take the entire terminology test.

Juniors should demonstrate their techniques with the Instructor asking for each individual technique.

Class curriculum:

The individual Instructor is responsible for the curriculum that he or she uses in their classes. Instructors may teach additional techniques and principles that are not covered in the Yoshin Ryu course.

Material for testing should be from the basic Yoshin Ryu course so that students have a standard to recognize World Wide as they visit schools in different areas.

Competitions and Sparring:

Student should not be forced to spar or compete. They should also not be discouraged to do so, it is the individuals preference.

Adult sparring should not be taught until the Brown Belt level. As student need to learn control of technique.

Juniors are encouraged to start with Judo style sparring when they are ready and then move to Karate or Kumite style of sparring. Striking and kicking should be non-contact.

First Aid and Liability:

Instructors should be proficient in basic first aid and CPR. Martial arts techniques can be dangerous and deadly. Students should pass a physical before starting classes. The local Instructors are responsible for their students welfare. Instructors should always secure injury and death waivers from their students limiting liability for themselves and their school.  Be advised that you are practicing and teaching martial arts at your own risk. The American Federation of Jujitsu and the International Federation of Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu will not be held liable for the misuse of techniques or any injuries occurred while practicing or participating in the art of Jujitsu.

For additional info and questions on advanced
Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu techniques.

Hosted by Sensei Nate Wesner, 3rd Degree Black Belt


Yoshin Ryu History

Yoshin Ryu Members

Belt Requirements

Self Defense




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